You have found ENGLISH IN
FLORIDA's home on the internet.  
ENGLISH IN FLORIDA is an intensive
study and vacation program that
specializes in private lessons.  Private
study is the best way to learn English,
and in our program private lessons
are no more expensive than group

Along with your intensive classes, you
can enjoy activities in the lively Tampa
Bay area: beaches, shopping,  sports,
museums, nature trails, night clubs
and restaurants.  You will learn a lot
about American culture.  On
weekends you can travel to the
exciting attractions of Orlando, Miami
and other thrilling Florida destinations.

There is also a program for local
permanent residents and immigrants
who need to improve their English
skills for life in the United States.
Learning English is the basis of success
in the global community of the
twenty-first century.  Enroll in an
individualized English program, and  
have fun while you learn.

phone:  (727) 541-6222
"I came to English in
Florida to prepare for
the TOEFL exam,"
i.  "I'm now in
grad school at Cornell
University. I will soon
be joining Asahi
Broadcast Corporation
in Tokyo.  Private
lessons were the best way
for me to learn
 From Japan,
Saori is pictured here
with her favorite
Florida character.
From France, Bertrand spent
a week in intensive tutorial
classes.  He wanted to
improve his English before
he enrolled in aviation
school.  His goal is to become
a commercial airlines pilot.  
English fluency is required.  
He had some pool time, too.
After taking private lessons in conversation and
accent reduction in the mornings, Alex (a student
in computer programming at a Swiss university)
took the time to do a little fishing.
An agriculture student
from Brazil, Leo was
taking classes at ELS
St. Petersburg. He
wanted some extra help
and took our tutorial in
speaking and listening
two nights each week.