GOALS: To provide exciting and effective use of movies as learning tools for the study
of English both for classroom teachers and for study-at-home students.

SKILLS: These study packets can be used creatively by classroom teachers either in
whole or in part.  They develop skills in vocabulary (both standard & idiomatic), in
listening, in pronunciation, in grammar, in discussion, and in cultural understanding.

METHODS:  The lessons begin with pre-viewing vocabulary, using words and
phrases in the order they appear in the film.  Students should learn the words before
watching the film segment, then watch for them to appear in the segment.
As they watch, they will answer the viewing questions, then go over the answers after
the segment ends.
Students can either discuss or write answers to the discussion questions.
When all the film segments are completed, they can discuss or write answers to the
discussion questions for the film as a whole.
Finally, they take the test.

SCHEDULE:  We discourage showing the film in one sitting.  Go segment by segment
at a convenient pace.  In the classroom, one segment per day is recommended with the
vocabulary lesson assigned as homework.  Study-at-home students can move at their
own pace.  Teachers can add and subtract from the lessons as they wish.  Be creative.
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